Childhome universaalne istmekate Angel hall

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Universaalne Ingli kujuline pehme istmekate söögitoolile, kärusse või lamamistoolile. Veenduge, et rihmaaugud sobivad antud tootele.
Toode 100% puuvill, masinpestav 30 kraadi juures. Mõõdud: 60 x 5 x 63 cm.

49,95 €

A beautiful universal seat cushion in jersey grey. The cushion has romantic angel wings on both sides that will turn your loved one into a little angel.

The seat cushion offers your baby extra softness and support whether your little one is lying down or sitting up. The angels wings can be used on all kids chairs, babysitters and even in strollers! Holes in the cushion make sure you can pull the straps of the safety belt through the cushion and your child is safely attached.

This beautiful universal seat cushion is made out of the softest jersey cotton.

DIMENSIONS: 60 x 63 x 5 cm 
COMPOSITION : 100% Cotton
MAINTENANCE : Machine wash at 30° - Do not tumble dry