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M140PAS (140cmx70cmx12cm)
The Childhome’s Puro Aero Safe Sleeper combines two of the most revolutionary technologies in textiles, being: ‘Puro’ and ‘Aero’. Puro is a technology that uses 100% natural probiotics to protect your baby against allergies, keeps the mattress clean and helps you keep out unwanted guests.
‘Aero’ is a special 3D fabric that creates a unique protective layer of air with great ventilation, moisture regulation and pressure reducing properties. This layer of air in combination with a complex 3D honeycomb air mesh, makes sure that your baby can breathe at all mes and regulates your baby’s body temperature, Creating a pure, ultrahygienic and safe sleeping-environment for your baby. The high resilient foam supporting this 3D honeycomb air mesh makes sure your baby has a firm and perfect backsupport at all times. The Childhome’s Puro Aero Safe Sleeper is a clean, green and safe solution to help you protect your little one during the night.

- High resilient foam (HR 40kg/m³) combined with a 3D air mesh. 
- Materials are combined by water-based adhesives. (=air-permeable)
- Winter and summerside. (visco = winterside) 

- 100% polyester. 
- Polyester is: anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial. 
- Puro technology= probiotics. (84% less allergies, definitively dust mites) 
- Aero technology= woven 3D structure.