Babiators Limited Edition Polarized "Copacabana Life"

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29,00 €
* Hat/glove size

Copacabana Life is limited edition sunglasses with Polarized lenses and all the other features including lost or Broaken guarantee. Our Polarized Babiators sunglasses for kids reduce the sun's harsh glare so your little aviator always has a crystal clear view of the adventure ahead. Just like our Original Babiators sunglasses, Polarized Babiators are safe and durable with impact and shatter-resistant lenses and 100% UV protection.
Polarized Babiators sunglasses are available in two sizes: Junior, which fits most babies and toddlers ages 6 months-3 years, and Classic, which fits most kids ages 3-7+ years.

Like all Babiators products, Polarized also are covered with Lost or Broaken guarantee - just register your glasses witin 30 days after purchase here and we will replace them for FREE (you pay only shipping) if they are lost or damaged.