Kuma Kõrvarõngad Earrings Little Daydreamer

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The Little Daydreamer earring design is inspired by one of our bestselling butterfly brooch - Frost Flower. Some of the most beautiful things in life can be gone in a blink of an eye - just like the frost flowers, that winter paints on our windows to welcome a new day. These beauties know the secret recipe for a happy life - fully embrace each moment you are given and enjoy the world and its colours!

Match them together with the Frost Flower butterfly tie or wear them separately - they will remind you every day, that it is a beautiful day to be alive!

The Little Daydreamer earrings are handcrafted earrings, made with La Poussette silverbacks to ensure excellent comfort and secure locking.

The Little Daydreamer earrings will come in pairs, beautifully packaged for easy gifting

Materials used: Vegan leather and La Poussette silverbacks.

Size: 1,8x1,3 cm