Bugaboo Bee5 alumiinium, Breezy Botanic Canopy

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Bee5 kergkäru komplekti kuulub - must raam, botanic canopy, must iste, Cognac rattad ja mustad käepidemed


Designed specifically for parents who live life on the fly, the Bugaboo Bee stroller for newborn to toddler features an easy-to-carry lightweight bassinet for exploring the city without disturbing your sleeping child – and an extendable sun canopy offering them even more protection.
Brand new fabrics and colours offer creative style combinations and refresh options, while a larger underseat basket means more room for all your essentials. 
The Bugaboo Bee is e
xtra light, compact and quick, it keeps you both on the move – on all forms of transport.

What's more, the unique Bee5 seat grows with your child – extending, reversing and reclining in just a few clicks. While its one-piece fold with seat makes it easy to collapse, carry and store in the tightest of spaces.

That’s precisely why the Bugaboo Bee is so extraordinary and the perfect partner for urban adventures.

Bugaboo Bee5 | infant to toddler Bugaboo Bee5 | suitable from birth Bugaboo Bee5 | quick, easy, maneuverable
Infant to toddler
Ready to go from the first day with the newly designed Bugaboo Bee5 carrycot (available separately).
Suitable from birth
Choose the Bugaboo Baby Cocoon(available separately) in the comfortable lie-flat seat for the most compact solutions from birth.
Quick and easy maneuverability
A smooth ride for urban life on the fly.
Bugaboo Bee5 | extendable sun canopy Bugaboo Bee5 | height adjustable backrest Bugaboo Bee5 | reversible seat
Extendable sun canopy
For protection against the sun,
wind and rain.
Height adjustable backrest
Grows with your child in 4 steps. The sun canopy and 5-point harness simultaneously adapt.
Reversible seat
For your child's every mood - facing you, facing the world.
Bugaboo Bee5 | reclinable seat Bugaboo Bee5 | height adjustable handlebar Bugaboo Bee5 | extendable seat
Reclinable seat
Sit up straight when awake, recline when relaxed, or lie flat when fast asleep.
Height adjustable handlebar
Easy one-hand steering and a comfortable ride regardless of
your height.
Extendable seat
Pull out to support those small legs
or for babies' sleep and brought back when child grows.
Bugaboo Bee5 | lightweight, light, easy, compact Bugaboo Bee5 | car seat compatible Bugaboo Bee5 | four-wheel suspension
Light and easy compact fold
Three-dimensional folding into a compact bundle that fits anywhere
and is light to carry.
Car seat compatible
You can find car seat adapters in the Bee
Four-wheel independent suspension
Smooth turning and a steady,
stable and comfortable ride.
Bugaboo Bee5 | comfortable harness Bugaboo Bee5 | swivel wheels Bugaboo Bee5 | carry with ease, leight weight
Comfortable harness
Easy to adjust. Easy in - easy out.
Swivel wheels
The two foam-filled front wheels swivel 360 degrees to make maneuvering the Bugaboo Bee3 
a one-handed task.
Carry with ease
From storage to stairs, the aluminium frame and one-piece fold make it easy to carry. Simply grab the sidebar or place the handlebar over your shoulder.

Bugaboo Bee3


  • Suitable from birth up to 17 kg
  • Five point harness equipped with height adjustable shoulder straps
  • 6-inch swivel wheels and 6-inch rear wheels with durable foam-filled rubber tires
  • All fabrics are machine washable
  • Width unfolded: 53 cm
  • Folded: 90×46,5×32 cm (l×w×h)
  • Bugaboo Bee5 weight: 8,9 kg


  • Chassis with wheels
  • Seat unit
  • Seat fabric
  • Extendable sun canopy
  • Extendable sun canopy wires and clamps
  • Underseat basket (max.4 kg)
  • Rain cover