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    The DOIDY Cup was scientifically designed with its unique slant to teach children drink from a rim and NOT a spout.

    Weaning ~ The DOIDY Cup is an ideal aid to weaning as the natural mouth action used is the same as in breast feeding.

    This proven 40 year-old design helps your baby learn to drink safely from a cup with fewer spillages along the way.

    The DOIDY Cups are UNICEF baby friendly and they are sold by the National Childbirth Trust in the U.K.

    The DOIDY Cup is designed and made in the U.K., to teach your child to drink from a rim.

    Starting with a small amount of liquid in the DOIDY Cup, your child will soon become adept at drinking from a rim therefore avoiding the problems bottles or sippy cups may cause.

    The unique slant of the cup enables children to drink easily as they can see the contents without thrusting their heads forward and downwards. They also learn to put the cups down properly.

    Children as young as 3+ months old (also can be used from birth with mum's help) find the two handled cup easy to hold and drink from because:

    ~ The contents are visible to them
    ~ Due to the sloping design there is no forward or downward movement of the head
    ~ They do not have to tip the cup up to check the contents
    ~ They learn to put the cup down correctly


    In the first few months of their lives, babies have a natural sucking reflex and breast feeding or feeding from a bottle is very comforting to them.

    ~ As babies grow, they need to learn to make different movements with their mouth that will help them to eat and speak properly – that’s why moving from a bottle to a cup is so important.
    ~ Drinking from the DOIDY Cup encourages good oral movement and helps to develop chewing skills.
    ~ Infants find this movement perfectly natural, therefore it is so easy to wean them from the breast or bottle.
    ~ Breast fed babies from 3-4 months of age can go straight to a DOIDY cup,
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