When my brother Kai and I were looking online for a nice children’s slide for the daughter of a close friend,
we couldn’t find anything that appealed to us in terms of material, design and style. Almost every slide that
we came across was made from cheap plastic and was more intended for outdoor use.
However, we really wanted to give Mia a beautiful children’s slide that she could play with in her room on rainy days.
As, on the one hand, we believe that a plastic slide is not really suitable for a well designed children’s room and, 
on the other hand, children are surrounded by too many plastic toys anyway, the slide needed to be made from sustainable wood. 
In the end, we found the first and only wooden children’s slide in a large Swedish furniture shop. 
The quality was certainly good but there was still room for improvement regarding the design. In short – the right slide simply didn’t exist!

So what do you do when you can’t find the right product? 
That’s right; you attempt to create one yourself. In our case, however,
we needed assistance as we had little previous experience in product design or development.
Therefore, we were delighted to be able to gain the support of the renowned product designer,
Ralf Scheel, who was father to a young daughter himself. Ralf then started work based on the following parameters.