Dadamora on laste riideid ja aksessuaare käsitööna tootev Eesti kaubamärk, mille taga on disainer-Mariliis Oksaar. Bränd kasvas välja 2013. aastal loodud elustiiliblogist ning praktilisest vajadusest oma lapsed enda maitse järgi riidesse panna, samas ennast tegevuses hoida ning sütitavast huvist käsitöö ja ise tegutsemise vastu.

Dadamora is a local Estonian brand that makes children’s clothes and accessories. In our collection you can mainly find products for children aged 0-8 years. The brand started in 2013, growing out from a lifestyle blog and the practical need to create something unique for the creators own children. The designs are simple and modest with clean and light color solutions and of course focused on being comfortable and child friendly. All Dadamora fabrics are suitable for children with gentle skin and have either GOTS or ÖKO-Tex certificates. It is extremely important to us who and where our products are made. This is why we mainly use cotton produced in Estonia, products are sewn in Estonia (Harjumaa) and all pictures and patterns are printed in silk print technique by hand. All Dadamoras pictures and patterns are original creations. We believe that our clothes could be the perfect companions for your child at this most playful part of their development journey.