Green Rose Merino wool pants - pink

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GREEN ROSE merino wool pants for kids.

Woolen trousers

Merino wool pants for kids will be perfect for newborns and grown- ups just like underpants or just pants worn at home. The garment is gentle, pleasant and does not "wrinkle" the body. In terms of warmth and maintaining proper body temperature, they are woolly patches, but they are much thinner, more comfortable to wear for a child on a pure body than woolen trousers usually knit.

Baby size pants (56/62 and 62/68) do not have a sewn-on rubber band at the waist. Just a white, slightly elastic merino wool fabric waistband that does not press the newborn's waist at all, is comfortable for a baby lying around, and it won't be difficult for parents to change diapers or overpants.

Larger-sized pants (74/80, 86/92, and 98/104) for adult toddlers who are already sitting, crawl, walk, pant - have a standardized elastic band at the waist.

All GREEN ROSE garments are made of certified fabrics and other necessary details - thread, rubber.

Pants can be selected from pastel colors: light blue, pink, natural white. There are also darker, currently fashionable colors: gray, black, navy blue.