Green Rose Merino wool Long Sleeve Romper with hood - grey

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Outdoors, at home, in cool weather, when wet or snowing, your baby will be well-suited for warm merino wool slippers with a baby hoodie .

Baby hoodie

GREEN ROSE baby merino wool warm jumpsuits can be worn as a second layer baby wear . Ideal for home use when the room temperature is cooler. Also great for going outside instead of a sweater and warm pants. Can be worn as a second coat in winter or as a top coat in warmer times (spring, cooler summer, autumn) .

This garment can be used after baby's bathing . To keep your home from being blown away by the breeze, the coolness after bathing - this slipper with a hoodie will protect your baby from these nasty dangers and colds.

Merino wool slippers - overalls composition and care:

Certified 100% Merino Wool. 

It is best to wash in water up to 40 degrees Celsius. The fabric is machine washable. Choose wool mode and detergents suitable for wool.

Mechanical drying is prohibited.

Overall size chart: