Green Rose Merino wool Long Sleeve Bodysuit - pink

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Merino wool bodysuits

GREEN ROSE Merino wool bodysuits from certified, comfortable, premium 100% merino wool fabric. Merino wool products for children have unique properties that allow them to wear their clothes all year round, whatever the weather:

Gentle like silk. Babies and kids will definitely love it!

Regulates body temperature. When it's cold around - warming up when it's warm - it prevents your body from warming up and evaporates perspiration. As a result, merino wool products can be worn at all times of the year;

Comfortable design. The hole at the top of the shoulder to shoulder the baby through the head extends that the baby will not feel any discomfort while preparing. Larger bodice sizes (74/80 cm and 86/92 cm) have embedded pressures to prevent the baby's neck from widening and wrinkling. Bottom presses that will usually unbutton and allow parents to change diapers. The sleeves of the smallest sizes end with gloves that you can use as needed;

Simple maintenance. The scent practically does not absorb. No need to wash frequently. The most practical and convenient washing machine.

Available in white (natural) colored merino wool with silk. These are still much softer, more pleasant, fabric bibs. They can also be worn on a pure body, even for babies who have problem skin - merino wool will provide the needed frosting and