Green Rose Long Sleeve Romper merino wool silk

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Merino wool silk slippers - the sweetest and most comfortable baby slippers! The best choice for your baby to choose a natural, comfortable, cozy, warm garment.

Newborn baby slippers

GREEN ROSE merino wool slippers are perfect for newborn babies because of their functionality. Merino wool maintains optimum temperature for the newborn baby. Prevents freezing if the environment is cool. It also prevents overheating if it is warm. Absorbs sweat and evaporates. 

Merino wool silk breeches are slightly thinner and cooler than 100% merino wool braids. Both slips are suitable for babies at all times of the year. However, if the ambient temperature is warm enough, choose merino wool with silk slippers.

Baby cribs

The slides have presses that you can easily unbutton your baby when unbuttoned. The smallest cuff sizes at the sleeve ends include an extra sewn-in hinged glove. You won't have to worry about an extra piece of clothing - gloves. If you do not need them, they will be smoothly folded to the other side.

Baby crib composition and care:

75% certified (OEKO-tex 100 standard) merino wool and 25% silk.