Earrings Day Catchers

Tootekood: 125700 Kaubamärk:

Whether you are starting to figure out what is your passion in life or you have already been searching for a while, fly together with this beauty and she will help you to figure out what you are made for. The golden tones with blue accents make the Day Cather bird brooch a truly outstanding fashion accessory for seizing the day! Carpe Diem!

The Day Catchers earring design is inspired by one of our butterfly brooch design - Day Catcher.

Day Catchers are käsitööna valminud kõrvarõngad , mille 925 hõbedast tagused  garanteerivad kvaliteedi nii disainis kui stiilis!

Kasutatud materjalid: vegan nahk, Swarovski kristallid   925 hõbedast tagused.

Suurus: 1,2x1,7 cm