DoidyCup Sinine Kruus

Tootekood: 125291 Kaubamärk: DOIDY
THE DOIDY CUP offers a unique slant on baby weaning and open cup training. The two-handled Doidy Cup, has been scientifically designed with a unique slant in order to teach infants to drink from a rim, rather than from a spout or a teated bottle.  
BY DESIGN – young infants (from around 3 months) find the two handled Doidy Cup easy to drink from because: The contents are clearly visible when drinking; The sloping design allows a more natural upward and downward motion of the hands and arms (unlike bottles and sippy cups which require forward and backward movement of the head); It teaches them to drink from an open cup and how to put it down correctly; Children are less likely to overfeed; The above benefits allow mothers to make the move from breast to open cup in one step rather than introducing a teat or spout. 
NATURAL PROGRESSION – Drinking from the Doidy Cup is a natural progression from breast feeding because it uses the same suckling action.  
HEALTHY SKILLS – Drinking from the Doidy Cup encourages good oral movements and helps to develop chewing skills as the jaw, tongue and mouth muscles are used. It also helps with hand, eye co-ordination.