Childhome EVOLU ONE.80° pöörlev söögitool NATURAL ANTHRACITE 2 in 1 + BUMPER

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Laos olemas.

Uus Evolu ONE.80°  tool, millel on pöörlemise funktsioon. Tooli laab liigutada kolme asendisse ilma et peaks tooli tõstma.


Kaunis skandinaaviapärase disainiga söögitool.

3 in 1 söögitool, mida saab korrigeerida kolmele erinevale kõrgusele: 50 cm, 75 cm või 90 cm (lisaks vaja tellida lisajalgade komplekt).

Tänu lihtsale paigaldusele on kõrgust lihtne muuta. 

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Nothing tougher than moving a high chair with a baby in it. Therefore Childhome created the Evolu ONE.80°  high chair. 
The award winning Evolu chair comes with a swivel function. The swivel seat allows parents to place or feed their child in the seat in 3 different positions without moving or lifting the entire chair. Easily pull the latch to click the chair in the next position towards the table, 90° clockwise or 90°counterclockwise relative to the table.
- 2-in-1 high chair adjusts to 2 table heights: standard eating table of 75cm and a children's table of 50cm.
- 3 possible seat positions: towards the table, 90° clockwise or 90°counterclockwise relative to the table
- Equipped with a 5-point safetyharness and a safetybumper.
- For children from 6 months up to 6 years old. The use of a high chair is recommended once your child is able to sit straight independently. 
- With the optional long legs, the high chair is adaptable to a kitchen isle of 90cm. Also an eating tray that is adaptable in depth is optionally available.

DIMENSIONS: 56 x 56 x 94 cm 
EN-NORM : EN 14988
COMPOSITION : Seat: Polypropylene - Legs: Beech
MAINTENANCE : Clean seat with mild soap and water - Clean legs with damp cloth