Baizy bouncer - beebitool

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Beebitool, mis kannatab kuni 15kg!

Tavaliselt kannatvad beebitoolid kuni 9kg mis tähendab, et tooli ei saa väga pikalt kasutada kuid seda tooli saab kasutada palju pikemalt!

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A basic bouncer can only be used for babies up to 9kg, which means you and your baby cannot enjoy the bouncer for a long time. The Baizy Bouncer wishes to increase the lifetime of your bouncer. The bouncer can be used for children up to 15kg.

By simply fixing the frame, the baby bouncer suddenly transforms into a relaxing seat! Your child will not want to sit anywhere else anymore. Next to one fixed position, the Baizy Bouncer also offers 3 bouncing positions. For your child's safety, a 3 point safety belt is added to the Baizy Bouncer. The shape of the bouncer assures good ergonomic support for your child.

The Baizy Bounceris a sustainable product made out of recycled PET felt. The bouncer is made by thermos pressing the PET felt in a mould. As a result the bouncer has no sharp edges. Also PET felt is a very soft material, which makes it perfect for the usage on babyproducts.

Due to the multi-functionality of the design of the Baizy Bouncer, the product has a long product life cycle. You and your child will enjoy these items for years to come. And last but not least, the modern design will fit perfectly in any interior!

angel seat cushion is sold separately!