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* Hat/glove size

You do everything you can to keep your kids safe and healthy. Helmets for bike riding, sunscreen for outdoor fun. But what about the sun's effects on your child's eyes? The truth is, children's retina mature as they do. That means their young eyes can't filter out UV radiation. Add to that the fact that children receive three times the annual sun exposure as adults, because they just spend more time running around and playing -- and the problem is clear -- kids need real protection to keep their eyes safe and vision strong.
Every pair of Babiators sunglasses for kids provides 100% UVA and UVB protection to keep your child's eyes safe. Our top quality lenses are impact and shatter-resistant to handle even the most rugged adventures. Rest assured that your Babiators sunglasses are made to be safe, durable and awesome -- so you and your little aviator can get right to the adventure!
Original Babiators sunglasses are available in two sizes: Junior, which fits most babies and toddlers ages 6 months-3 years, and Classic, which fits most kids ages 3-7+ years. 

Like all Babiators products, Originals also are covered with Lost or Broaken guarantee - just register your glasses witin 30 days after purchase here and we will replace them for FREE (you pay only shipping) if they are lost or damaged.