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715,00 €
See vanker pakub võimalust sõidutada 4 last ühes vankris vanuses 6 kuud kuni 15 kg.  
Vanker on stiilne must, helkuritega. Lihtsa kasutuse tagamiseks on vankril eesmised pöörlevad rattad.
Suured rattad tagavad stabiilsuse
ja muudavad lapse vankri väga kergesti juhitavaks.
Esiküljel ja taga on kaks istet, igal lapsel on oma 5-punktiline turvavöö.
Iga istme kohal on vari, mis kaitseb lapsi päikese ja tuule eest.
Vankri all on suur vankrikott, mille mahutavus on kuni 5 kg. Vanker kergesti volditav. Kaasas on vihmakile.



The Two By Two meets the demand of many day nurseries and reception mothers. Take 4 children at the same time! The Two By Two offers the possibility to go out with 4 preschoolers, from 6 months to 15 kg. This buggy is a basic model and lighter than the well-known Quadruple. The Two By Two is a stylish black model with reflective elements.

The multi-carriage has swivel castors at the front to ensure ease of use. The large wheels provide stability and make the pram very user-friendly. There are two benches one in front and one behind, each child has its own 5-point safety belt. There is a sun canopy above each bench that protects the children from sun and wind. At the bottom is a large storage basket that has a capacity of up to 5 kg.

A custom rain cover is included.

DIMENSIONS: 110 x 85 x 105 cm 
EN-NORM : EN 1888
COMPOSITION : Steel frame - Tedelon trim

MAINTENANCE : Use a damp cloth and dry immediately.