Improve your child's motor skills

All GoBabyGo products are designed to improve and develop your child’s motor skills. Rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on the toes prevents your child from slipping on smooth surfaces, making it more confident and mobile. A child who can move about unhindered can explore the world and devote its energy to playing and learning new things. Studies show that stimulating your child’s motor skills from early on will strengthen your child socially and academically throughout its childhood.
The GoBabyGo range is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. Our products are made from soft stretch cotton which guarantees good mobility and all products are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.




  1. GOBABYGO Kneepads - pink

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    10,00 €
  2. GoBabyGo Crawling Tights

    Stopperitega sukkpüksid, retuusid, põlvekaitsmed, sokid GoBabyGo-lt Taanist!
    Eriti head roomamist õppivale beebile kuna stopperid asuvad põlvedel, varba otstes ja talla all, mis aitavad tasakaalu hoida.

    Valmistatud pehmest orgaanilisest puuvillast.
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