Gugguu was born as a result of a problem that two sisters had faced: frequently the sisters, each with three children, had to purchase new clothes or try to utilize existing clothing by exchanging the clothes that had become too small for their own children. Both sisters had developed a keen eye for the design from parents’ flower shop and from its colorful environment. Typically they weren’t able to find the design they liked and even if they found the suitable design, sizing or quality were usually not acceptable. Hence they started to make jokes about founding their own children’s clothing brand.

 Enthusiasm for children's wear was growing almost as fast as children, but the problems were still the same. These problems had to be solved and so the elder entrepreneurial minded sister started to think seriously about founding the company.

 Instead of lecture notes, the sisters’ booklets started to slowly fill with drafts of their own collection. After several drafts, the first collection started to be ready. This Nordic design was really carefully planned with timeless style and colorful, playful cuts. And the most important factor, combination that pleased their eyes.