qeeboo RIBBON CHAIR Pink

SKU: 124038 Brand: qeeboo
Toode on saadaval ainult e-poes ja ette tellimisega, tarne alates 3 nädalat.

The Ribbon Chair is the object that expresses the female language of Nika Zupanc with a strong and essential icon. In black, white, pink and the new gold and rose gold versions the Ribbon Chair is an object whose identity expresses feeling and empathy selecting immediately its own audience. The ribbon is graceful and astonishing, an expression of a gift or an event. Nika has done it herself and proposed to everyone.

Dimensions: 45,5 x 49,5 x h. 83,5 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Materials: PP-Matte coated Polypropylene
Colors: black, pink, white