Mini A Ture Wencke Jacket Keen Rose

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* Riiete suurus

LINING & PADDING For winter, we have used a double cut, anti-pile polar fleece for the body which is not only a soft and durable fabric but provides excellent heat insulation. Our snow pants and jacket sleeves are quilted with 210T lining, a highly durable polyester lining. To ensure children are warm and cosy in their outerwear, the garments feature thermolite padding, a light fabric with high thermal insulation which is also anti-perspiration and highly breathable. Garments in our spring / summer / autumn collection also feature the 210T lining.

DOWN is a soft and very light natural material. Our down consists of 80% down and 20% small feathers. The more down in a garment, the better the insulation it provides. We produce down jackets for both summer and winter, for which we use additional down to make the pieces extra warm. The outer is feather proof, ensuring that the feathers will not pop out.

 NO HARMFUL ADDITIVES MINI A TURE outerwear contains no harmful additives or perfluorinated substances. Our technical outerwear has an inner coating which makes the material water, windproof and breathable all at the same time. The outer fabric has a unique heating treatment, which is also dirt-repelling.