Kuma Kõrvarõngad Earrings White Space

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Nothing breaks the ice better than some cheeky small talk that has personality and a little sass - our new White Space Earrings are experts on that, so let them do the job for you.

The effortless style of our White Space earrings is suitable for a lazy Sunday brunch with friends or for a fancy night at the opera. They have a sophisticated yet carefree vibe about them, so it depends entirely on you, how you are going to pull them off.

A little Swarovski stone in the centre adds a touch of femininity and glamour to the otherwise simple and straight-to-the-point statement earrings.

The White Space earrings are handcrafted using sterling silver, topped with the finest Swarovski crystals.

Materials used:  Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals