Kuma Kõrvarõngad Earrings Forget-Me-Not

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The Forget-me-not earring design is inspired by one of our bestselling butterfly brooch - Soov.

These humble little butterflies were not created for the spotlight, but there is something so pure and honest about them, that they will always leave an impression. Their subtle beauty makes it easy to pair them with almost anything and like some people - only their presence makes the world a better place. They notice all the little details, hear all your deepest wishes and do their best in fulfilling them, so it’s time to make a wish! Due to their delicate and subtle beauty, they are ideal for a woman of all ages.

The forget-me-not earrings are handcrafted earrings, made with La Poussette silverbacks to ensure excellent comfort and secure locking.

The forget-me-not earrings will come in pairs, beautifully packaged for easy gifting.

Materials used: Vegan leather and La Poussette silverbacks.

Size: 1,7x1,4 cm