Kuma Kõrvarõngad Earrings Flover Child

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The Flower Child earring design is inspired by one of our bestselling butterfly brooch - Peek-a-Rosy. These cheeky creatures know, that the world is their playground and they ain’t afraid to share it! They are a perfect match for someone, who still embraces her inner child and is as carefree as a butterfly wondering around. They never miss an opportunity to have fun and they simply trust life, because they never stopped to believe in the magic of life.

The Flower Child earrings are handcrafted earrings, made with La Poussette silverbacks to ensure excellent comfort and secure locking.

The Flower Child earrings will come in pairs, beautifully packaged for easy gifting.

Materials used: Vegan leather and La Poussette silverbacks.

Size: 1,8x1,3 cm