Jupiduu See-Saw Green Turtle

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Rocking, climbing, sitting, chilling, balancing, hiding? It’s all possible with the new Jupiduu see-saw. In collaboration with Frankfurt-based Bacon Design, we have developed what is probably the coolest see-saw in the world. The use of moulded wood in combination with a special manufacturing process has enabled us to create a unique design and shape which gives this see-saw its potential to become a classic. The children’s see-saw is manufactured in a complex process by a family business near Stuttgart, and thus – like all Jupiduu products – is 100% “Made in Germany”.

With its compact dimensions the see-saw not only fits in every living room and nursery – it also fits perfectly under the Jupiduu slide, and can be stored under it to save space until the next use. With the enclosed felt pads, rocking is as quiet as a whisper on any surface, and during good and dry weather it can also be used outside.

We are convinced: Just like the lion in the circus, this see-saw will be the main attraction in every nursery. Our age recommendation: 2–5 years.

CAUTION: Please supervise your children when playing, and only clean the see-saw using a slightly damp cloth.