Buttergly Brooch- Tie Sunset Catcher

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Mysterious and mischievous like the heart of the woman, you never know, what this beauty is up to next! But like all women, she always knows that she is right..and flying in the right direction! The transparent wings combined with hues of gold and black give this butterfly brooch an air of sophisticated grace!

The Sunset Catcher earring design is inspired by one of our butterfly brooch design - Sunset Catcher. 

Sunset Catchers are käsitööna valminud kõrvarõngad , mille 925 hõbedast tagused  garanteerivad kvaliteedi nii disainis kui stiilis!

Kasutatud materjalid: vegan nahk  925 hõbedast tagused.

Suurus: 1,2x1,7 cm